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We all know that life is not perfect. I strive to capture the chaos, the rawness, the light and the love that surrounds my clients. If you're searching for dimension, expression and energy that is exactly what you will receive at Olivia Clare Photography, LLC. The overall experience during our session time should be just as delightful as the final product. 

Life is a massive unknown, we are unsure of what the following day will hand us. Photography is my deepest passion as it is one art practice that captures a moment and seals emotion as its own unique stamp.

One of the greatest emotions we feel in life is love and I am in love with my career. After the loss of my mother, I fell in love with the memory a simple photo can ignite within and how important capturing your unique life journey truly is.


Going on 10 years of experience saturated into this art form, providing pleasant memories of your journey is a piece of myself I am happy to provide. Passion, perfection and the essence of the raw self is what I  strive for in my work. If you're seeking an all around experience, energy and life poured into your images, lets collaborate!

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